Uncovering the Mystery: Who Is Diet Sabya?

Have you ever scrolled through your social media feed and come across a post exposing a celebrity or designer for blatantly copying someone else’s work? In the world of fashion, this is far too common, but recently there has been one account that has been leading the charge against plagiarism and calling out those responsible. This is where Diet Sabya comes in – the anonymous Instagram account with a cult following that has taken the fashion industry by storm. But who exactly is Diet Sabya? Let’s take a closer look at the mastermind behind this popular page and their mission to expose copycats and uphold ethics in the fashion world.


Diet Sabya is a popular social media account and website that has taken the fashion industry by storm. Known for their unapologetic and blunt call-outs, Diet Sabya has become a go-to source for anyone interested in fashion and design. With over 1 million followers on Instagram alone, Diet Sabya has gained a cult following for their witty and honest observations about the Indian fashion industry.

The brainchild of two anonymous individuals who go by the monikers ‘Suzie’ and ‘Diet Sabya’, the account started out as a way to expose plagiarism and copycat designs in the Indian fashion scene. However, with time, Diet Sabya has evolved into much more than just a platform for calling out copycats. It has become a powerful voice in supporting originality, inclusivity, and sustainability within the fashion industry.

History of Diet Sabya

Diet Sabya was founded in 2018 by two individuals who identified themselves as Suzie and Diet Sabya. Their identities are kept under wraps to maintain their anonymity and allow them to speak freely without facing backlash from influential designers or brands.

The idea behind Diet Sabya was born out of frustration with the rampant plagiarism in the Indian fashion industry. The founders noticed several instances where established designers were blatantly stealing designs from lesser-known or independent designers without giving any credit. And they decided to take matters into their own hands by creating an Instagram account that would call out such instances.

Their first post was in September 2018, where they called out designer Masaba Gupta for allegedly plagiarizing her work from another designer’s collection. The post went viral on social media, and this is how Diet Sabya became an overnight sensation.

What Does ‘Diet Sabya’ Mean?

The name ‘Diet Sabya’ is a play on words that combines ‘diet,’ meaning to consume less or in moderation, and ‘sabya,’ which is the abbreviation of the renowned fashion designer, Sabyasachi Mukherjee. It’s a clever wordplay that packs a punch and perfectly sums up the purpose of the account – to expose and reduce the prevalence of design plagiarism in the fashion industry.

However, Diet Sabya doesn’t limit its call-outs to just Sabyasachi’s designs. The account covers a wide range of designers and brands, from high-end luxury labels to affordable fast-fashion brands. Anyone who blatantly copies or takes inspiration in an unethical manner is likely to end up on Diet Sabya’s radar.

How Does Diet Sabya Operate?

Diet Sabya primarily operates through its Instagram account but also has a website that features longer articles. With over 1 million followers, it has gained considerable influence in the Indian fashion industry. Their posts typically include side-by-side comparisons of original designs and their alleged copies, along with a witty and often sarcastic caption calling out the designer or brand responsible.

The founders of Diet Sabya claim that they use various techniques like reverse image searches, tips from followers, and their own knowledge of fashion to identify instances of plagiarism. They also take great care to verify their claims before posting them on their account.

Diet Sabya has had several instances where they have been accused of being too harsh with their call-outs or targeting specific designers unfairly. However, they have always maintained their stance on only exposing plagiarism and unethical practices in design.

Impact of Diet Sabya on the Fashion Industry

Diet Sabya has become an important player in promoting originality and inclusivity within the Indian fashion industry. Their call-outs have created awareness among consumers about the prevalence of plagiarism and the need to support independent and lesser-known designers.

Their efforts have also led to important conversations within the fashion industry regarding intellectual property rights and ethical design practices. Some designers have even started giving credit to their inspirations, thanks to Diet Sabya’s impact.

One of the most significant impacts of Diet Sabya is in creating a more sustainable fashion industry. With their call-outs, they have brought attention to the harmful effects of fast fashion and encouraged consumers to make more conscious choices when it comes to purchasing clothes.

Controversies Surrounding Diet Sabya

While Diet Sabya has gained a loyal following for its fearless approach towards exposing plagiarism, it has also faced its fair share of controversies. The most notable one being when they called out designer Anamika Khanna for allegedly copying a design from French luxury brand Balmain.

This led to a back-and-forth between Anamika Khanna and Diet Sabya, with the former threatening legal action against the account. While this particular incident was eventually resolved amicably, it raised questions about Diet Sabya’s methods and the potential consequences of their call-outs.


Diet Sabya has disrupted the Indian

What is Diet Sabya?

Diet Sabya is an Indian social media handle that has become a reckoning force in the world of fashion and entertainment. It is a popular anonymous Instagram account that has taken the industry by storm with its strong stance against plagiarism and copycats. The handle has successfully carved a niche for itself by calling out celebrities, designers, and brands for replicating original designs without giving due credit to the original creators.

This popular Instagram page was started in 2018 by an anonymous group of individuals who were tired of the rampant plagiarism in the Indian fashion industry. The name “Diet Sabya” is a play on words, combining “Diet” which means something reduced or derivative and “Sabya” which refers to celebrated designer Sabyasachi Mukherjee. The name aptly reflects the ethos of this page, which is dedicated to exposing imitation and knock-offs in the fashion world.

The Rise of Diet Sabya

The rise of Diet Sabya has been nothing short of meteoric. What started as a small Instagram account with a modest following has now grown into a social media phenomenon with over 1 million followers. Its rise to popularity can be credited to its witty yet scathing content, which calls out copycat designs with sharp observations and clever memes.

One of the primary reasons for the success of Diet Sabya is its anonymity. The team behind this handle chooses to remain anonymous, which adds an air of mystery to their identity. This anonymity also allows them to fearlessly call out powerful designers and celebrities without any fear of repercussions.

Why Is Diet Sabya Important?

At first glance, one might dismiss Diet Sabya as just another gossip page on social media. However, a deeper analysis reveals that this handle serves a much more significant purpose than just entertaining its followers. Diet Sabya brings to light the issue of plagiarism that is rampant in the Indian fashion industry, where designers often get away with blatantly copying designs without any consequences.

Diet Sabya has successfully created a safe space for designers and fashion enthusiasts to express their opinions and call out wrongdoings without any fear. In a country where intellectual property rights are often disregarded, Diet Sabya serves as a voice for original creators and promotes ethical practices in the fashion world.

Diet Sabya’s Impact on the Industry

Diet Sabya has become synonymous with originality and authenticity in the world of fashion. Its impact can be seen through the numerous instances where designers have been called out by this handle, leading to public apologies and even legal action being taken against them. The handle has also gained recognition from international media outlets, further solidifying its position as a powerful voice in the fashion industry.

Apart from exposing plagiarism, Diet Sabya also shines a light on relevant issues like body shaming, cultural appropriation, and gender stereotyping in the fashion world. The handle uses its platform to promote inclusivity and diversity by calling out brands that fail to do so.

The Controversies Surrounding Diet Sabya

While Diet Sabya has gained immense popularity for its bold stance against imitation, it has also faced its fair share of controversies. Critics have accused them of being too harsh with their critiques and even targeting certain designers unfairly. Some have also pointed out that not all designs called out by Diet Sabya may actually be plagiarized, but merely inspired by other works.

However, these criticisms have not hindered Diet Sabya’s growth or impact on the industry. In fact, they have only added to its reputation as a fearless and unbiased platform that stands up against injustices in the world of fashion.

In conclusion, Diet Sabya has emerged as a significant player in the fashion world, commanding respect and admiration from both the industry insiders and general public. Its quick-witted and unconventional approach has revolutionized the way plagiarism is viewed in the Indian fashion industry. With its growing popularity, Diet Sabya has established itself as a force to be reckoned with, determined to bring about positive changes in the industry and promote originality and ethical practices.

Q: Who is Diet Sabya?
A: Diet Sabya is an anonymous Instagram account that calls out instances of plagiarism and copycat culture in the Indian fashion industry.

Q: Why is Diet Sabya anonymous?
A: Diet Sabya chooses to remain anonymous in order to maintain objectivity and avoid any personal biases or conflicts of interest.

Q: What is the purpose of Diet Sabya?
A: The purpose of Diet Sabya is to promote originality and integrity in the fashion industry by exposing instances of plagiarism and cultural appropriation.

Q: How does Diet Sabya identify plagiarism?
A: Diet Sabya uses a combination of visual evidence, text comparisons, and research to identify instances of plagiarism or similarity between two designs.

Q: Is Diet Sabya affiliated with any brand or designer?
A: No, Diet Sabya is not associated with any brand or designer. They operate independently and do not receive any sponsorship or funding from anyone in the fashion industry.

Q: What kind of content does Diet Sabya post on their Instagram account?
A: Diet Sabya primarily posts side-by-side comparisons of similar or identical designs, along with witty and sarcastic captions calling out the copycat behavior. They also occasionally share updates on copyright infringement cases related to fashion.

In conclusion, Diet Sabya is a popular and influential social media account that has made its mark in the fashion industry by calling out plagiarism and copycat designs by various fashion brands and designers. With a strong following and a fearless approach, Diet Sabya has become a voice for originality and ethics in the world of fashion.

Through this account, people have become more aware of the rampant issue of plagiarism in the industry and the impact it has on smaller, independent designers. It has sparked an important conversation about the need for stricter laws and regulations to protect original designs.

Moreover, Diet Sabya has also shed light on the lack of diversity and representation in the mainstream fashion industry. By calling out cultural appropriation and discriminatory practices, it has challenged traditional beauty standards and pushed for more inclusivity in fashion.

Furthermore, Diet Sabya serves as a platform for talented emerging designers to showcase their work and gain recognition. It has also encouraged consumers to be more conscious of where they invest their money, promoting ethical shopping habits.

Despite facing backlash from some within the industry, Diet Sabya remains committed to its mission of promoting authenticity and accountability. As it continues to grow in popularity, it remains a powerful force for change within the fashion world.

Overall, Diet Sabya

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